The Way
I See It

The Solar Sailer

The latest Daft Punk album is not the latest Daft Punk album. Still, the Tron Legacy soundtrack is phenomenal. In 2009 it was announced that the French House duo had been composing tracks for the film. My fanaticism for Daft Punk had already been longstanding and I had been craving more studio material from them ever since I had played out their 2005 album Human After All. One should have expected this album to be brimming with clicks, pops and thumps; It’s only natural, considering their musical history. Instead, They took a more analog approach.

The album started, and as I awaited the inevitable addicting bass tracks and breakbeats, I was greeted by the London Philharmonic Orchestra warming up their strings on “Overture”, a slowly intensifying introduction to the film’s motif melody. From that point on, the listener experiences a symbiosis of classical and electronic music that features great tracks like the ever percussive “The Game Has Changed”, the beatastic “Derezzed”, and the epic “Flynn Lives”, amongst others. One track that specifically grabs me and lulls me into a melancholic mood is “Solar Sailer”, a soft rising and crashing melody that alternates between violins and synthesizers. I am brought back to a track from Human After All called “Make Love” when I listen to it.

Curious to see what the music authorities had to say about this album, I found that Rolling Stone put it right when they said “Tron: Legacy is way more Hans Zimmer than Homework” I agree wholeheartedly, and it was verified when I read Hans Zimmer’s name in the liner note’s thank you section. The points of view between Rolling Stone and me contrast in how we feel about it. They think of it negatively, while I do positively. In the spirit of giving all music a chance, I avoid knocking something because it doesn’t sound the way I wanted it to. Daft Punk plays with the strings nicely, and they even find ways to make their electronic instruments sound more symphonic.

What many need to understand, is that this is a movie soundtrack, and not strictly studio material. It’s a wonderful album that I find myself listening to repeatedly, and if you’re an open-minded lover of all things electronic, I think you will too. For my rating, I give it a 9.5 out of 10.