My Lucky Number

Thiirteen is the super not-so-secret couch fort of Todd Ruehmer,
a web engineer who specializes in front-end development
and design. He loves absurdly obscure JavaScript frameworks
as much as he loves obsessing over fonts, colors, and layout.

More? Well, I graduated with an interarts BFA from the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts. My career’s focus involves the fusion of design and code. Behind every great-looking web experience is a strong foundation, and I make sure that quality is evident.

I’m a lover of many things, including music, running, travel, coffee, sustainability, my daughter, and long walks on the beach.

Thiirteen utilizes some great tools, such as Drupal, Sass, Bourbon Neat, jQuery, raphael.js, and history.js.


Photo by
A. Giacomino

Know Todd

In first grade, my class had a contest to guess the weight of a pumpkin, in order to win it.
I guessed thirteen pounds, which ended up being the exact weight.
I won the pumpkin, and named it Lightning.

  • Favorite Beer

    Bourbon Country
    Coffee Stout
  • Favorite Film

    North by
  • Favorite Restaurant

  • Favorite Annual Race